Great relaxing weekend

I had a couple beautiful musical experiences last week. The first was a great session for a band from Boston. Berklee cats singing some super cool and very accessible R&R. The band doesn’t have a name but will … and I will let you know with  link. The second was for my friend Randy Rhody at Segal HS for his trumpet section. Randy is a recent cancer survivor and a great human, Father, Partner and Band director. The student musicians hung on every word and really responded to some positive teaching and advice. Love being in front of a group  of good young musicians who want to be better … as a group and as individuals. Pretty awesome stuff. Bak on the hills at the new crib on my bike. Almost 100 miles last week. Settling into the new digs very nicely. Work is a bit slow but that’s okay. Gonna buckle down on the SSB and Patriotic Medley this week and we have a writing session this Thursday for “Uphill fast”. Getting the book for “Chicago” this week and I’m gonna shed hat baby till I know it like the back of my hand.


Hope all is well in your world


Go be awesome!