I have been lucky and blessed to make a good part of my living for the last 20 plus years as a live, recording, writing and contracting trumpet player. This experience gives me a keen insight into both the creative and logistical side of your recording and live music needs needs as and artist and/or producer.

With multiple years of contracting sections for both live and recorded music, I can help make the music-making process easier from all of the above standpoints. Any size section from one or two pieces on up to a full recording Orchestra. I am very familiar with the budget process and can handle everything from a contract to a direct pay. I will gladly work within any budget presented.

I am a self-contained writing, arranging and copy work company and would be glad to discuss all of your options from pre-written and arranged charts to head sessions where we create the parts during the recording process.

We like working with as many musicians as possible but can tailor the studio and section size to fit your creative and budgetary needs.

To contact Vinnie about recording, arranging, or contracting please click here.