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Vinnie is offering this anthem for free as an MP3 to enjoy. The MP3 features a four part arrangement with a fill percussion accompaniment from Edward Freytag. Vinnie blows the roof of of this piece with his incredible playing!


Full 4-piece arrangement for any instrument, plus our “Music Minus Package” MP3’s. If you have a strong soloist, use the “Music Minus Solo” track, or the other three options depending on how large your section is. Also, you have full percussion accompaniment to fill out any performance! Here’s what you get:

– Full score incl. 4-parts in each key (C, Bb, Eb, F)
– Individual parts for each instrument including percussion (26 Total!)
– MP3 – Full 4-piece arrangement with percussion
– MP3 – Music Minus Solo
– MP3 – Music Minus Solo, Trpt 1
– MP3 – Music Minus Solo, Trpt 1, Trpt 2
– MP3 – Music Minus Solo, Trpt 1, Trpt 2, Trpt 3
– MP3 – Music Minus Solo, Trpt 1, Trpt 2, Trpt 3 (percussion only)

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An MP3 of the new single that will work on any digital device. Also available via iTunes.

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4 different MP3’s so you can play along with the rhythm section, or pick which horn you want to play with. Also included are the charts including the full horn break that creates a fun and exciting challenge for any musician.

– MP3 version of new single
– MP3 play-a-long versions:
– Track minus Trumpet
– Track minus Tenor Sax
– Track minus Horns – PDF Score of “Unwrapped” featuring parts in all keys

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