I struggle with this issue myself. I have compassion and understanding for friends and business associates who are “self aware” enough to know that they struggle also. I have a tough time with people who steamroll their way through a studio or other gathering without being sensitive enough to understand their powerful influence on the people that surround them. This can be a positive thing … or a negative. If you have a “power personality” it is a giant responsibility.

If you are “Thankful”, “Grateful” or “Feeling blessed” about the circumstances of your life … do your best to reflect that feeling all of the time. Don’t pick and choose the people that you share this feeling with. In my experience if you share with everyone you know … your entire life will improve. Some people won’t “buy it” but stay the course. It will pay in spades in the long run. If there is someone in your life that you have had troubles with and they are trying to make change please give them another chance. Even if it’s just one more. This is not an easy or well traveled road but it is worth your best effort.

Do the best you can all the time. Sometimes it will be more then enough and sometimes it will suck. Stay that course and you can’t go wrong. Be great and expect the same!

Go be awesome!