Trumpetvinnie joins Martina McBride on tour

We are pleased to announce that Vinnie Ciesielski is joining Martina McBride for her “Everlasting” recording and supporting tour for 2014. We have completed “band” rehearsals and “tour” rehearsals. The first was to practice and rehearse music and finalize arrangements for the band, horns and BGV’s. This set of rehearsal was held at Nashville’s SIR facility. The tour rehearsal were held at the Steel Mill here in nashville, TN. This is a former working steel production facility perched atop a hill on the East side of the city, now being used as a multi purpose rehearsal and production facility. These rehearsals were for production and choreography while putting the final touches on the set list and staging of Martina’s Everlasting tour. Dates are being added every day and can be accessed at The horn section, yet to be named but we are leaning toward the “Nash-ty” Horns is made up of some of Music Cities finest.Tyler Summers on tenor sax is one of the cities new “young guns”. A fantastic player, singer and song writer in his own right. Tyler brings a great energy to the music and the section. He is always on point and brings a crisp, soulful and precise playing style to this music. Randy Leago on Bari sax is an awesome addition to the section. He played on the record and also plays harmonica on one of the tunes in the show. His “old school” style compliments the music in a great way. John Hinchey is playing Trombone in the section and also played on the recording. John is a great player and brings some mad arranging skills to the book. He has added several original arrangements as well as some major editing as we go and keeping the book clean and playable. These cats can play and are an incredible addition to and already kicking’ band directed by the enormously talented and eminently cool Jim Medlin. Jim has been with MM for 20 years and is big in the local session scene. We are all super excited about being a part of bringing Martina’s new music and her “Hits” with a new twist to her current audience along with a bunch of new fans. Check martina’s web site for tour dates near you and we will se you out on the road!