Ultimate Recording Project

The Ultimate Recording Project (URP) is an amazing, incredible and often once-in-a-lifetime experience for music students of high school and college age.

I travel the world playing, recording, teaching and doing guest artist appearances and clinics. I am constantly searching for the next generation of outstanding musicians, the ones with the talent, drive and tenacity to take over the reins when myself and my peers are finished making their mark on the musical landscape and history.

I discovered through this travel and experience that in some situations there exists a hole in parts of these young students musical education. So I came up with the URP concept. It all starts with contact and planning. We coordinate with the ensemble director at the school and decide on the material the band will record. The band rehearses for weeks and sometimes months. On our determined date the band and its directors make their way to Nashville, TN. Some bands stay for several days at hotels that we set up as part of their experience and others that are more local just come in for the day.

The morning of recording starts with a 9am set up at the world-renowned “Tracking Room” – not too far from Music Row and “getting sounds”. Without any coaching at first, we count the first tune off and we are recording. After the first song is done we break up into sections and each group is coached and taught studio technique and is given musical critique and advice by some of Music City’s finest studio players, including Bob Mater, Barry Green, Mike Haynes, Jimmy Bowland, Edward Freytag, Mark Douthit, Mike Casteel, Chris McDonald and John Hinchey, to name a few. Together these cats have made thousands of recordings and bring a wealth of knowledge not available anywhere else in the world.

We do a 10, 2 and 6 o’clock sessions, covering over 9 hours of recording in a single day. This replicates what most of us do on a daily basis here in one of the recording capitals of the music world. We cover as many different recording bases as possible. We recording complete songs “live” with no fixes. We do section fixes, solo overdubs, fix individual mistakes and errors and we culminate by teaching the entire band a “head chart” featuring our guest clinicians/artists.

At the end of our day we have a record in the can. Over the next several weeks we mix and send the digital copies to the school for reproduction. We have included student artists and graphic design students for the cover art and credits so this can become an all encompassing project for the finer arts departments at your school or university.

The final project can be used as a fundraiser or just for the sheer enjoyment of the students, faculty, friends and parents.This is an awesome experience for the students, teachers and professionals that take part in the URP. We do our best to keep the cost very reasonable for an all encompassing musical thrill ride like this.

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