“Unwrapped” debuts on iTunes Jazz Charts at #58!

“Unwrapped” debuts on iTunes Jazz Charts at #58!

I have just received some awesome news from my friend Tyler Summers, head Dude at my record company Maxwell Tree Records that my first single “Unwrapped” has hit the US Jazz charts at #58 in the month of August.

I can not believe this news on any level. When Ty and I sat down to write this song it was just a catchy tune that made me happy and I thought might effect other people the same way. I was hoping that we sell enough copies to help pay for the next one. We haven’t thrown a bunch of money at this project. Paid the cats and the studio. No money toward the promotion of this record. We have depended on the folks who have “liked” us on social media and visited the trumpetvinnie.com and Maxwell Tree Records web sites. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting Independent music. We don’t have a multi-mollion dollar record company throwing hundreds and thousands of dollars at this project. It’s so encouraging to receive this news because these numbers are not inflated by anything external. This chart is based solely on sales and that my friends is ALL you. This makes the process so much more easy.

We are going to continue to create and record music that moves us … so that it can move and encourage you. Keep us on your radar and we will continue to make small steps toward big things. We all believe in moving our music, career and lives forward in a positive direction. Keep believing in us and our music and we will always do our best to come through. Tyler and I are sitting down this week to start on my next single “Uphill fast”. I am working on an amazing four trumpet version of the Star Spangled banner and a wonderful Patriotic Medley. Trying to keep it fresh and interesting. Possible tour next year with an artist that you all know and love. Stay tunes to trumpetvinnie.com and follow trumpetvinnie on FaceBook for details!

Thank you so much folks. I am truly humbled by your support an positive feedback!

Go be awesome!

P.S. – If you haven’t heard the new single, check it out on iTunes – Vinnie Ciesielski – “Unwrapped”