932 Everyman Court
Columbia, TN

Call, text or email for rates and availability

We place serving and lifting your music at number 1 on our priority list. We have access to world class studio players here in the Nashville area. I have played on close to 7000 recordings myself, writing, recording and producing upwards of 200 recordings a year

Full service studio. Comfortable for up to 5 Rhythm section players. Overdubs for percussion. Overdubs for up to 5 horns in the main room. Along with artists and producers.

This room has a Music City Accoustics designed sound panel system installed along with ceiling waffles and spot dampening.

Studio Gear List

  • Hercules mic stands
  • Hercules music stands
  • 6 AKG K-240 Studio headphones
  • ART 6 channel headphone amp
  • Various Mogami XLR and studio cabling
  • Undavo power conditioner
  • Cyberpower battery backup power
  • AT&T Fiber Internet (1k up, 1k down)
  • Eeros whole house web extender
  • XBox
  • Warm Audio WA-412 pre
  • Behringer 8 channel pre
  • Apollo x8
  • Apollo x4
  • UA Spark
  • LogicPro X
  • Mackie Big Knob
  • 2023 Mac Studio 32gb 2TB
  • 3 8 TB external HD’s
  • Adam A77X near field monitors
  • Barkley Infinity active and passive ribbon microphones
  • RoyerLabs Four-R-121, Three-R-122, Three-R-10, 1 SF-24 stereo ribbon
  • 2 SM-57
  • 2 Node NT-5
  • Shure drum mic kit
  • Pearl Studio Select 5 piece drum kit
  • Various Zildjian cymbals
  • M-Audio Keystation 88